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Room Design Articles and News

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Previews to all our Room Design Articles and News

Take a look at previews to all our Room Design Articles and News. These high quality room design articles contribute real insight by sharing intuitive and practical answers for improving the room layout, decorating and home decor of any home or office space.

Create a Healthier Spring With Feng ShuiCreate a Healthier Spring With Feng Shui
by Yvonne PhillipsYvonne Phillips:
Yvonne Phillips is a National Feng Shui Practitioner, Author and Speakerwith over 18 years of experience. Yvonne is certified with Feng ShuiInstitute International and has trained with world famous Feng ShuiMaster Lillian Too. As owner of Creative Color & Design, sheincorporates Feng Shui principles into both residences and businesses,from small businesses to large corporations.

For many, spring is allergy season, presenting a situation of wanting to be outdoors, but suffering for it. Spring is all about positive energy, but with pollen, cut grass and ragweed, what can we possibly do to keep the allergies away?
Top 7 Decorating Mistakes Top 7 Decorating Mistakes
Cheryl Sandella
Decorating should reflect our taste and style, and it is a very personal thing. When you have a plan and budget you're going to make better decisions and purchases. However there are a few decorating blunders that should be avoided.
Your Guide for Creating and Decorating Your Home Office Your Guide for Creating and Decorating Your Home Office
Tameka Norris
Create a small home office that is professional, and includes elements that are unique to your personality and style in home furnishings. Your work zone can be enhance productivity, while also expressing your unique style and personality.
Spicing Up Your Winter Decor Spicing Up Your Winter Decor
Paola McDonald, CID
Winter time is the slow season in the world of interior decorating and design. However, you will be sure to beat the winter blues with these creative ideas for spicing up your winter home decor.
Decorate Your Home With Earthen Wares Decorate Your Home With Earthen Wares
Swati Nitin Gupta
Earthen ware like ceramics, terracotta, blue pottery, and more, provides different shapes, colours and sizes that will add colour to your homes interiors as well as its exteriors. Try these ideas and you'll be proud of the look and feel of your home.
Finding Real Back to School Savings
Find answers for your back to school questions as you explore this collection of tips to save you money on back to school supplies. See how planning and a good shopping strategy are essential to maximizing savings on back to school shopping.
How to Choose Furniture For Small Spaces
When clients ask me to re-design their small spaces, I find their rooms filled with petite pieces of furniture, not well suited to their home. So, how do you choose furnishings that are comfortable, without overwhelming the design of a small space?
How to Maintain Calm in the Midst of Remodeling
If you've ever been through a remodeling project before, you know it's going to take time and create chaos. Let's see how you can stay calm, focused and positive during the remodeling process so the project is completed quickly and efficiently.
Creating an Appealing and Functional Foyer or Entryway
Creating an interesting, attractive and functional foyer or entryway can get people excited about being in your home. A few essentials, such as a console table, a great rug and accent lighting, can help create an organized and attractive entryway.
Halloween Decor Ideas - Easy Tips for a Spooky Home
Haunted houses, black cats, ghosts and goblins everywhere! Halloween is a fun time of year for children and adults alike. Do you need some tips for decorating your home for all hallows eve? Try these fun, easy and inexpensive Halloween decor ideas.
Interior Design Books - The Best of The Best
Anyone interested in interior design deserves to surround themselves with inspiration from their peers. Inspiration comes in many forms. I've decided to share my favorite books. You'll find them to be an endless resource of ideas and inspiration.
Home Office Design Ideas For a Comfortable Work Environment
A great advantage of a home office workroom is that you can tailor it to your own personal style. When planning this space, it's tempting to plunge in with ideas for businesslike color schemes, but there are fundamental things to consider first.
Getting Your Home Summer Ready
Discover decor tips that help prepare you for summer. We'll look at what to add and remove, thinking about fruit when decorating, and remembering nature when selecting home decor. These tips will help you to make your home summer ready this season.
Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator - Which Do You Need?
When you want to hire someone to do a makeover in one or more rooms in your home, would you hire an interior designer or an interior decorator? The question is: Do you know the difference between these two professions and the services each provides?
Interior Decorating: How to Design a Room Around an Area Rug
Perhaps you've heard that when designing a room you should start with the area rug. While there is no 'right way' to design a room, starting with the area rug can allow you to achieve a pulled-together look, with very little decorating know-how.
Where Do You Find Your Design Inspiration?
Inspiration for creating great interiors can come from so many places. Here are a few inspirational items and ideas of which you may not have thought, with origins that are related to artwork, children, mother nature, your last vacation, and more.
Using Water in Feng Shui Landscaping
Using water in your landscape helps bring positive energy into your home. Utilizing the ancient art of Feng Shui, learn how to easily incorporate the flow of water to help create a landscape that will make a significant impact on your living space.
Master Bedroom Designs and Ideas
When it comes to deciding upon master bedroom designs, one area of contention is when two people of different persuasions try to concoct a scheme to suit both. This problem may be overcome by mutual selections that are mid-way between the two tastes.
Decorating Your Home on a Frugal Budget
When your budget is tight, but your home has to be decorated, how much can be done on a shoe string budget? Here's a list of smart decorating options that are easy on your pocket and would make your dream home come alive with character as well.
Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
When my daughter moved into her first college dorm room, she had to come up with creative and inexpensive decorating ideas. These decorating tips provide creative ideas to give almost any dorm room a great new look that both roommates will love.
Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Teenager's Den
If your teenager is typical, being a slightly out-of-control offspring, your design ideas for their bedroom will not match their ideas or concepts. Your teenager may not see any purpose to your ideas, and so you need a completely different approach.
Feng Shui Can Improve Romance This Valentine's Day
Romance is in the air - especially this coming month when you'll see Valentine's everywhere you look. But for many people, romantic relationships seem unattainable or current love connections lack the sparks they once created. Is Feng Shui an answer?
How to Decorate Your Home For Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day sets romance in the air, a song in the heart and a bounce in the steps, but when planning something special for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, where do you start? How do you create the ambience of a five star hotel in your home?
5 Essential Factors Of A Good Bedroom Design
Does your bedroom have these factors included in the design theme? To be sure you have not missed any essential factor when designing your bedroom, here is a short checklist to consider before you start remodeling your bedroom.
Awesome Winter Decor Tips
Cold weather is always just around the corner! Discover some quick tips for awesome winter decor for any room in your home, including the addition of area rugs, candles, small plants, slipcovers, curtains and much more!
Eight Super Steps to Optimal Room Design
People ask how to get started when they want to design or redesign an interior room. They long for that special place where they feel they can escape from daily stress. Let's go step by step on how to accomplish the interior design you will cherish.
Feng Shui Decorating Enhances Holiday Mood, Celebrations
Do holiday gatherings drive you crazy? Do your family get-togethers result in more stress than harmony? The problem may not be you or your loved ones, but your house. See how feng shui could bring relaxation and goodwill to your holiday season.
Decorating Your Christmas Dinner Table
Decorating your table at Christmas lets you have fun with replacing your tablecloth, building centerpieces, selecting candles, setting dinnerware and polishing off the table with your own special touches. Set a budget before you shop for these items.
Creative Holiday Decorating
If you want to create a holiday decorating scheme that's truly different but your creativity spark has sputtered out, take a look at these festive home decorating ideas that will light the fires of your imagination once again.
Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home
Christmas decorating is a must, to some degree at least, for most of us who celebrate the holiday season. For some there is no such thing as too much. But there are lots of ways to decorate your home beautifully without the expense and time.
Four 'Out of The Way' Places to Install Lighting
The American Lighting Association offers suggestions for using CFL and LED bulbs to light some out-of-the-way spaces like closets, inside kitchen cabinets, under cabinets and base cabinet cove areas using the newest lighting technology on the market.
plan3D Tutorial for Creating Room Layouts
Designing a room online with plan3D can be very rewarding, but there is a learning curve in performing certain room layout tasks in a timely manner. This room design tutorial will help improve your skills in completing any room plan more quickly.
Five Home Decorating Ideas to Save Time and Money With Style
You want to decorate or redecorate a room without a big spending budget? That's okay! Some of us don't have the time to shop, and our budget may be stretched pretty thin, but this doesn't change the fact that we still want to create a beautiful room.
7 Steps To Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets
Home improvement expert Ron Hazelton gives step-by-step instructions on how to easily update your kitchen by repainting your kitchen cabinets. These detailed painting tips will help you achieve a professional-grade finish.
The Essential Element of Room Design
What is that essential element that will make or break your room design? Find out now by discovering how to obtain the truest perspective of any new room design and then make it real by following our 10 steps for starting your next room design.
French Country Furniture Captures Old World Essence
Francophiles and home decor enthusiasts will be overjoyed to see the newest line of French Country furniture inspired by the chateaus and wineries of provincial France. The ten solid-wood pieces capture the je ne sais quoi of old world France.
Feng Shui Interior Design Consults Available Over the Phone
Seasoned interior designer, Jami Lin, provides effective Feng Shui consultations using Skype and the free Internet phone service. Her desire to make it easy on clients to use her expertise is apparent in her client testimonies from around the world.
New Garden Designer Tool Lets You Design and Decorate Online
Avant Garden, the premier brand of outdoor living decor, has launched a truly unique online tool that enables users to design and decorate outdoor spaces with their choice of outdoor decor items, then preview their design right on the screen.
New Modern Furniture Online Store Launched
A leading provider of modern classic furniture, announces the launch of its redesigned and up-to-date website that now features the most talented and innovative designers of modern home furniture, office furniture and eco-friendly products.
Add Comfort, Warmth and Romance with a Skirted Table
Introduce a breath of fresh warm air into a tired room by adding a skrted table. These four quick tips for adding a skirted table to your room will help you improve your living space right away.
Local Honey and Allergies
Learn about alleviating allergy symptoms from pollen by considering the potential health benefits of using local honey. Evidence has shown that exposure to pollen often triggers allergies but exposure to pollen in the honey has the opposite effect.

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