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Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

article submission guidelines and info about publishing articles

Marketing Your Article Submissions

Five Guidelines for Successful Article Submissions

We have all heard that Content is King and this motivates us either to generate articles that we publish on other web sites or to publish other peoples articles on our own websites, but what really works? Cutting through all the hype, what is the most helpful method of increasing your website exposure through publishing articles and press releases?

  1. A Well Written and Interesting Article
    Five Guidelines for Successful Article Submissions I review at least a dozen or more articles for any article I might choose to publish on one of my web sites. The reason I have to look at so many is to ensure I publish something that reflects the quality of my web site and maintains the integrity of all the other authors I choose to represent by publishing their content.
    What I am saying is that I don't publish an article simply because I found a nice title or just want to fill web space. I publish an article because it is worth publishing. Because I scrutinize what I publish, the integrity of my web sites grows and my published content gets steady traffic and improved page rank over time.
    So, as an author, the first thing you really need to consider is whether you are going to write below par articles or high quality articles.
    • Below par articles will generally only be published on below par web sites simply because those web site owners believe that by just having content they'll make millions with Adwords and they often ignore all the dozens of other things necessary to establish their web site as an authority web site.
    • Quality articles will more likely be published on authority web sites because those web site owners know that by having quality content, combined with good SEO practices and social networking, they have a decent chance to generate an income with Adwords and other affiliate programs over time.

    When I am searching for an article or writing an article of my own, I look for or provide these characteristics:
    • A concise title that is under 60 characters
    • A well written description that is not simply a copy of the first paragraph
    • Article length of at least 550 words or 3000 characters
    • A niche or seasonal topic that helps the article stand out
    • Does not directly advertise a service or product
    • Uses proper grammar and has no spelling issues
    • Breaks apart large paragraphs or uses bullets for easier reading
    • Provides a descriptive author bio of at least 240 characters and has an optional author image

    If you don't know what to write about, or simply don't have all the necessary skills or time to write a series of your own articles, please consider using the article writing services listed below.

  3. Make Article Reproduction Easy For The Webmaster
    If the only way you present your article is through your own web site by adding a note that it may be reproduced, there is a lot of work necessary for any webmaster to gather together and break apart all the information required to copy this information to their own web site. Unless the article is genuinely wonderful, most webmasters won't take the time to use your article, or the copy they do make may be below par on their below par web site.
    The only way to ensure that a webmaster can easily extract your article data is to also provide this information separately from the published article page. You can do this by placing the article information in text boxes below the article that can be easily copied and pasted, or by providing a link to where that information can be found, which leads right into the next guideline...
  4. Publish with Article Directories
    Article directories provide the opportunity for you to upload or paste in your article information, making it available to the hundreds or thousands of visitors and webmasters that might visit their web site for years to come. Most include the option of creating an account where your author bio and image can be stored for easy access and updates.
    Although your content may appear to get lost in the myriad of thousands of other articles, webmasters who do keyword searches of these article directories will find you, so don't be concerned whether you end up on the directories front page or not, because that event will usually be so short lived, it will not matter. What matters is that your article is in their database and published on one of their pages.
    Which directories are the most significant? There are dozens of great places to publish your content and you will benefit with each successful placement, but there are six primary places to publish your content that you don't want to miss. Their author registration pages can be found by clicking below:
  5. Use an Article Submission Service
    publish your articles and improve your writing skills When I first started publishing articles, I was excited enough that I did not realize how much time I was spending just to get a new article published in the top six article directories, let alone the dozen or so other directories I would regularly submit to, but when the excitement wore off, the submission process became tedious and I eventually began writing and submitting less articles because I simply did not have the time or energy to go through that process on a regular basis.
    Then I came across an article submission service that not only saved me tons of time by automating the article submission process, but their submission service provided so many options to improve the look, feel and effectiveness of my articles that it took my article submissions to a whole new level... a genuinely professional level.
    My endorsement of may be compensated via an affiliate commission on sales I generate, but that's just a small part of why I am sharing this information. My articles have reached audiences that I could not have reached on my own, and the variations they help me set up when submitting articles helps to ensure that search engines don't view my published articles as duplicate content to be ignored.
    The bottom line is that if you are going to go through all the trouble to create a quality article, what's the point if it is not effective in helping to bring traffic to your web site? You need to decide if you are just trying to impress the world with your writing abilities or if you are using your writing skills to enhance your own web site marketing. If the latter is true, then we go into the final and fifth guideline...
  6. View Article Publishing as a Necessary Marketing Technique
    I pursue many free marketing options, and I'm aware that those pursuits may bear little fruit, but it doesn't hurt to try, however, if I believed that I could somehow market my web sites without spending any money, I would end up frustrated within a few months and would likely opt to throw in the towel.
    On the other hand, simply throwing money at every web site traffic opportunity that hits your email box will only result in you going broke long before your site even has a chance to see if any of those ideas worked, so it would be better to find some middle ground where the spending happens slower so you can better see what really helps your business overall.
    When it comes to marketing your web site through publishing articles, it would be helpful to see this as the beginning of a real marketing process and not just some free option you can do on your own. For example, many of you use Adwords to drive traffic to your sites. On a recent campaign of my own, I set my daily budget to $15 which brings in 20 visitors at 74¢ per click. In comparison, one well distributed article could provide 15 to 20 visits a month, making it equivalent to spending $15 or more on Adwords.
    Now, imagine publishing ten articles, with each one saving you an average of $15 a month. That equates to $150 a month or $1800 a year in savings. By looking closer at the financial benefits of good article marketing, you can see that it does make practical sense to spend money to help distribute your articles.
    Another primary difference between paying for ads to market your web site versus paying for article submissions is that the article will not only provide you with the greatest return on investment, because it just keeps giving, but it will generally improve your search engine ranking as well, helping to increase web site traffic overall. The main downside, however, is that time must pass before your articles achieve the capacity to provide this benefit.
    Improving how quickly and efficiently you are able to distribute your articles will play a major role in how well you will benefit from creating them in the first place. If you are serious about using articles as a low cost method of marketing your business, the use of article submission services or article submission software should be an integral part of how you distribute your articles. Three of the best article submission services are:

    If you are more inclined to want to do most of the submission work yourself, you could save a few dollars by purchasing article submission software. You will spend less money as compared to using article submission services, but it will require that you invest a nice chunk of setup time, along with more time needed to submit each article you publish. In addition to costing less, using article submission software also provides you with more control over exactly where your articles are published and the frequency at which they are published. Some article submission software choices are:


I genuinely desire you do well with your choice to publish your articles as a marketing method. All I suggest is that you allow your articles time to get distributed throughout your chosen article directories, as well as time for these articles to then make it to a web site and then just a little more time for that page to be indexed and ranked by Google and other search engines.

Majon International Internet Marketing

How much time are we talking about? For any article submitted to an article directory, I would suggest you allow at least 6 months before you start searching to see who else may have published it on their web site and then wait another six months before you judge the number of hits coming in from these web sites. In a nutshell, give your articles a year to start working.

During that first year, publish and distribute at least one article per month, but two per month is recommended. After a while, certain article directories with recognize you as an authority author and you'll get more article exposure. Meanwhile, in the background, continue to pursue all the other aspects of SEO, such as link exchanges, web site code improvements, social networking, press releases, search engine submissions, directory submissions, building your email list and any other method that helps improve your capacity to attract visitors to your web site and build your brand.

Thank-you for allowing me to share my experience and ideas with you.

David Nelmes

President and Chief Webmaster, Designing Online, Inc.

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