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Room Design Articles and News

Room Design Articles and News

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The Source for Room Design Articles and News

Submit Home & Garden Articles to Room Design Guide

Submit your articles directly to Room Design Guide and obtain additional exposure and popularity for your web site. Establish yourself as an authority for home and garden related topics and customers will feel more confident doing business with you.

Designing Online, Inc, aka DOL, publishes two to three articles per week in the 'Room Design Articles and News' section of its Room Design Guide web site.

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Our web site is not an article distribution hub, but is simply a highly desired location to publish high quality home and garden related articles and press releases.

Benefits of publishing your Home & Garden articles here:

  • The author link that concludes each article provides a place for a link to your web site.
  • A deep linking option is provided through the article submission interface to link to two of your most important keywords or phrases.
  • All articles are placed on a well designed, user friendly and search engine optimized page with no pop-ups and little additional advertising.
  • All articles are highlighted on our home page for one to two weeks.
  • All articles are included in our RSS feed.
  • If your link is listed in our Home and Garden Resources, your link will be moved back to the top of the page with each approved and published article.

All articles submitted are considered for publication, but no article is guaranteed to be published.

To improve your chances of publication, submit articles that follow these article submission guidelines:

  • Article topic is Home and Garden related and is helpful or informative and is not an advertisement. Our submission categories are: Home, Garden, Art & Literature, How To, Kids, Food & Drink and Health & Fitness.
  • Seasonal or holiday related articles are highly desired.
  • Include no links within the article. Use the author link section to provide a link to your main web site page. A deep linking option is provided through the article submission interface to link to two of your most important keywords or phrases.
  • Article length is at least 3000 characters or 500 words in length. We want articles, not paragraphs.
  • Author web site must include a backlink to us on their home page or a primary sub-page using one of our "Featured Author" links found here.

For help in finding how to get the most from your article submissions, please review our Article Submission Guidelines.

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