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Room Design Tools and Books

Room Design Tools and Books

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You Can Learn How To Create Room Layouts

'Learn To Create Beautiful Rooms, Just Like a Pro'

The key to great design is the proper placement of your furniture and accessories. No matter if your items are straight from the show room or comfortably broken in, where you place these pieces will ultimately define the entire look and feel of the room.

- Discover how to solve your design & decorating problems

- Learn about interior design with full illustrations

- See how you can create beautiful room layouts like a professional

Rooms: Creating Luxurious, Livable Spaces (Design)

Designing a room involves balancing the ideal and the real, discovering a happy medium between what you imagine and what exists. From evaluating the core architectural structure -- or "shell" -- of a room, to selecting colors and arranging furniture, to picking out and placing the final artistic touches, Mariette shares all of the techniques and information you'll need to create Rooms of elegance and distinction.

What colors and patterns will work with a room's architecture? How can you visually turn two Rooms into one -- and vice versa? How is art different from d├ęcor? How big a sofa will a room tolerate? Mariette answers these questions and more with sage advice and an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach. She shares the experience of renovating her own homes -- one, a house in the country, the other, an apartment in the city -- and the many homes around the country that bear her unique signature.

Whether you are decorating a loft apartment, summer cottage, or home in the suburbs, Rooms will help you strike the balance between beautiful and practical, lavish and livable.

Rooms: Creating Luxurious, Livable Spaces (Design)

Furniture Arrangement: in Residential Spaces

How many different ways are there to arrange a sofa?

What is the optimum distance between a sofa and a coffee table?

What pieces of furniture do you need to arrange a nursery room?

These and many more questions will be answered in this book.

Furniture arrangement in residential spaces is the most complete book about furniture measurements and clearances around furnishings, types of furniture and furniture placement, room layouts, circulation paths, functional zones, etc.

The text is enriched with more than 300 diagrams and drawings, most of them dimensioned. All figures are provided in both metric and imperial measurement units allowing readers to work in whichever system they prefer.

By using this book, you will understand that furniture arrangement is not a one solution problem, but actually is a creative, multi-parameter process, that leads to countless furniture arrangement solutions you have never imagined before.

Furniture Arrangement: in Residential Spaces

Feng Shui that Makes Sense - Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

You don't need to be a professional designer or a feng shui expert in order to have a beautiful, comfortable home. Feng Shui That Makes Sense takes you step-by-step through the process of using feng shui principles to create a home that will please your eye, relax your body, inspire your mind, and lift your spirit.

After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Easily create a home of beauty, harmony, and comfort
  • Learn basic feng shui principles that work every time in every space
  • Improve the look and feel of any room in your home
  • Discover the origins of popular feng shui myths and misunderstandings
  • Enhance the areas of your home relating to Love, Money, Health, Family, and more
  • Apply feng shui principles to your landscape and garden
  • Integrate nature and natural materials into your living space
  • Clear your home of unwanted energy

Feng Shui that Makes Sense - Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks



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