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Room Layout and Design Services

Room Layout and Design Services

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Get Professional Help With Your New Room Layout

Get direct design services from pros who have years of experience
with home and garden design.

Your next room design can be guided by a professional designer. You'll benefit from their services by taking advantage of their expertise and insight.

Interior Design Room Re-Styling - 2 rooms

About This Service:

What's included with this service?

  • Review of existing furniture and decor in your home
  • Furniture arrangement suggestions for your room
  • Suggestions for rearranging existing decor
  • Window treatment suggestions and lighting advice

What's happens during a room re-styling?

Your interior designer will review the existing furnishings and decor in your home -- especially the stuff tucked away in your basement -- and then give you suggestions for using items you already own to rearrange and refresh 1 or 2 of your rooms. Plan to share with your designer any inspirational photos you've compiled, and your favorite furnishings and decor. The more info you can provide to your pro about what you like, dislike, and what you envision for your space, the better and more swiftly your pro can re-style your space.

Why should I hire a pro to re-style my space?

To save money! You may not need to buy any new items to get a fresh look. An interior designer brings a professional's perspective to rooms that you inhabit every day and furnishings you walk past all the time. There may be gems hidden right under your nose, or standard interior design principles that your pro can use to arrange even humdrum furnishings and decor into surprisingly welcoming combinations.

How long will it take for the designer to re-style my space?

It depends on the way the designer works, their experience, and other factors. Some very experienced designers may be able to re-style an entire room in just 2 hours, while others will need 4 hours. Two rooms can be done in 4 hours by very experienced designers, and may require up to 8 hours for others.

Interior Design Room Re-Styling - 2 rooms

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